Painter Lucia Lucchini, who was born in Mantua, after her graduation in architecture, has followed the artistic and creative path, devoting herself to figurative arts and specialising in watercolour painting.

From 2000 to 2010 she attended "Archaeology and Art" classes, which were organised by Aion Cultura at the MAEC Museum of Cortona, devoting herself to the study of the Etruscan and Roman history of the town and of Italian and international art history.

In 2005 she started making watercolour paintings under the teaching of English painter Liz Rigden and approaching the representation of Tuscan landscapes.

During a trip to Versilia, she was positively impressed by a series of wall acrylic paintings in Neorealist style that she has personally recreated with the collaboration of artist and decorator Antonio Ostili of Cortona.

From 2008 to 2011 she attended Cortona International Arts art classes run by Liz Rigden, Sarah Miatt and Andrew Wood approaching new painting techniques with oil, acrylic colours and charcoal as well as sculpture.

Born as a Tuscan landscape watercolourist, in 2011 she has undertaken a new educational path guided by painter Michela Peccini at Unitre University in Perugia, improving oil painting in portraiture and in the representation of landscape and enhancing her passion for watercolours.

Since 2013 the artist has devoted her works to a theme called "Arts and the town", where the art heritage of the past is overlapped with present architectural settings of the town. Innovation is mostly due to the idea of placing the works of art out of the museums and churches where they are displayed and setting them into monumental sceneries of the town of today, which is an evident heir of these masterpieces ranging from Fra Angelico to Gino Severini.

The clients who commissioned some of the paintings requested sacred themes, but the message the artist would like to convey is essentially non-religious. The strong iconographic dimension is thus part of ordinary life.

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